CSSA Thuwal - New leadership for KAUST’s China Alumni Chapter in 2019

New leadership for KAUST’s China Alumni Chapter in 2019

Alumni Affairs is pleased to announce the new Executive and Committee of the China Alumni Chapter for 2019. The Chapter will be led by Jian Pan, MS’11, Vice-Director, General Manager and Co-founder of Bertzer Catalyst.

“I feel highly honored to be President of the China Alumni Chapter. The Chapter should not only be a comprehensive connection between our alumni and KAUST, but also a reliable bridge to other organizations in China for our alumni and KAUST,” said Jian.

“I’m delighted to welcome Jian Pan as President of the Chapter, and look forward to supporting his vision. Jian demonstrated his leadership and organizational skills in November 2018, when he organized KAUST’s first China Alumni Reunion in Hangzhou,” said Lea Sublett, Manager of Alumni Affairs.

The Chapter has geographical coverage of China. All alumni in China, including former postdoctoral fellows of KAUST, automatically become members.

“I offer my congratulations to the 10 volunteer leaders who’ll serve the China Alumni Chapter,” Lea said.


  • Jian Pan, MS ’11, President (2019-2021)
  • Felix Lau, PhD ’18, MS ’10, Vice-President (and President-Elect 2021) 
  • Wang Lei, MS ’11, Vice-President, Communications
  • Feng Yan, MS ’10, Vice-President, Programs 


  • Xiujuan Zhang, PhD ’17 
  • Junjie Xiong, MS ‘11 
  • Yangqin Gao, PhD ’15, MS ‘10 
  • Lixin Li, former postdoctoral fellow 
  • Sian-Jheng Lin, former postdoctoral fellow 
  • Yuanlie Yu, former postdoctoral fellow 

For information on the Chapter’s events, sign-up to or log into KAUST Alumni Connect.

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