CSSA Thuwal - “世界名校争霸” 报名

“世界名校争霸” 报名

江苏卫视《一站到底》将于暑期推出“世界名校争霸”第二季,现特邀请我KAUST留学生,博士后研究员以及校友参与6月底的节目录制。请感兴趣的同学于6月1日前个人简历和生活照两张发送到 这个E- mail地址已经被垃圾邮件程序保护,您需要启动Javascript才能查看它。 报名。获选同学节目组将安排回国行程(机票、食宿全包),前往江苏南京录制节目。
Please see a message from the newly established KAUST China Alumni
Chapter Executive Committee Members:
Dear Alumni Colleagues and all,
China Alumni Chapter works to best serve our community of KAUST
graduates who are currently living in China. We will work together
with you to make a vibrant and ever-growing KAUST family. As our first
initiative, we are pleased to announce the following information:
Chinese TV program Who’s still standing? (一站到底, yzdd.jstv.com), a
popular TV talent show, is looking for Chinese students from the
Middle East to participate the program.
All those who have graduated from or are studying at KAUST are
welcomed to apply. The show will take place on June 24-28 in Nanjing
China. All expenses incurred will be financially supported, including
travel and accommodation. Based on the materials sent, the crew will
work and select a few candidates to enter the round of phone interview.
Deadline of application: June 1st, 2015.
CV should be sent to 这个E- mail地址已经被垃圾邮件程序保护,您需要启动Javascript才能查看它。
We will be in touch again soon with more updates on the KAUST China
Alumni Chapter and its activities.